Adam McManus

Mortgage Advisor

My Story


I began my career at TD Securities where I learnt the craft of buying and selling global currencies and interest rates as a professional trader.    


Following 8 years at TD,  I spent 7 years at a high-tech electronic trading firm called OANDA that made its name as a global powerhouse in the retail trading space.  At OANDA I was a member of the global trading team and manager of the quantitative analytics group.   In my later years at OANDA I was a member of the management committee, which exposed me to the challenges of managing and growing a global fintech company.  


After OANDA I joined a couple ex-colleagues to start a technology company in the real-estate industry called Supa Global;   Supa Global’s vision was to build an online investment platform for investors to buy and sell shares in commercial real estate projects.   Unfortunately, Supa Global ran out of funding before it made it off the runway; however, it was a great learning experience.   


After Supa Global I remained in the real estate industry by pursuing residential real estate development opportunities in Collingwood with a life long friend and business partner.   Thanks to my father’s advice, a 30+ year mortgage broker himself, it was this business venture that prompted me to become a licensed mortgage advisor as mortgage brokering and real estate development dovetail nicely with one another. From that point onward I have been 100% focused on being one of the best mortgage advisors in Canada, to give people the means to own their piece of our beautiful country!     


I am a member of The Westlake Team - Dominion Lending Centres, a team consisting of 55 mortgage professionals with well over 100 years of experience.  My promise to you is a super responsive, knowledgeable and professional service.